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Rosa Antifa Wien

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Rosa Antifa Vienna (RAW) was founded in the summer of 1995 by young anti-fascists. Why Rosa (Pink)? quite simple, because we were sick of the predominance of homophobia in this society and unfortunately in the left wing scene. Expressions like “Urgh! They’re gay, I’m not going in there, I could catch AIDS….” we could and no longer wanted to hear, even from our “own” people. (unitedagainstracism.org)



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  • Quote from their website: "It's our aim to reveal steadiness and connections in our societies at large. Anti-fascism, to us, is a matter of course. But one has to look beyond mere anti-fascism and fight against the common (hetero-) sexism, homo- and transphobia. One has to fight racism and antisemitism that are present in the dominant mindset. [...] Our aim is not to improve Austria, our aim is to abolish Austria. Our idea is a society without nations, a society without governments. We reject the idea of nations and states together with their institutions. Nobody is only oppressed. We all are oppressors, too, being involved in society. "


  • Together with the Young Socialists from Lower Austria, the Rosa Antifa represent a reliable constant at all anti-fascist events in Austria. The activists are concerned with „racism, queer-feminism, homophobia, anti-fascism (still and forever...), also with alternative models of life and relationships, surveillance, lookism, with prohibitionism, the politics of suppression and a lot more“. At each and every demonstration against fascism or capitalism in Austria, the Viennese activists constitute a colorful and highly visible contingent - be it at the manifestation against Austria's national holiday, the walks against poverty, the demonstrations No one is illegal, the „feminist actions against Christian fundamentalism“ in Salzburg or at the Rainbow Parade in Vienna.



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