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Sabiedrības Integrācijas Fonds

Sabiedrības Integrācijas Fonds (Society Integration Foundation) is a Latvian governmental agency that financially supports and promotes integration of minorities, migrants and immigrants into Latvian society. SIF implements state budget support programmes, programs of European Union policies' instruments, as well as funding made available under foreign financial assistance programmes.

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Medium influence


Official Website http://www.sif.gov.lv

Facebook Profile https://www.facebook.com/Sabi…

Email Address [email protected]


  • Sabiedrības Integrācijas Fonds was involved in conducting an interview about racism in Latvia, with black person George Steele who lives in the country. The title of the interview is 'Racism isn't dead, people have just learned to be quiet'.



  • Sabiedrības Integrācijas Fonds launched and managed a pilot project where two refugee families received 5000 Euro from the Ministry of Economics of Latvia for renting an apartment for 6 months in hopes they will integrate into Latvian society.



  • Sabiedrības Integrācijas Fonds shared an event on Facebook from think tank PROVIDUS about International Refugee Day.



  • Financing a podcast 'Young and Active' hosted by Rita Ruduša and Ilmārs Šlāpins: 'Podcast "Young and Active" is created with financial support from the Society Integration Foundation (Sabiedrības integrācijas fonds) from the state budget funds of Latvia.' Podcast #3 topic is about how "Gay Pride has become cool" and how to make 'rainbow a daily routine'. Description of #0 explains how podcast will address topics such as 'social issues, education, social integration, environment and ecology, citizen-friendly urban environment, animal rights, minority and socially marginalized groups rights matters.'



  • EU-funded 'diversity promotion' project: 'Operational Program "Growth and Jobs" 9.1.4. the specific support objective "Increase the integration of people at risk of discrimination into society and the labor market" Within the framework of the measure "Promotion of Diversity (Anti-discrimination)", the Society Integration Foundation implements the project "Promotion of Diversity". The project is implemented by: Society Integration Foundation in cooperation with the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs and the State Guarantee Agency. Project objective: To promote employment and socio-economic integration of people at risk of social exclusion and discrimination, while promoting public awareness and general awareness of anti-discrimination and inclusive societies.'



  • Six year long project "Diversity promotion" that aims to "Promote employment and socio-economic inclusion of persons at risk of social exclusion and discrimination, while raising public awareness and understanding of anti-discrimination and inclusive societies." Mainly funded by the EU (€ 5.791.088) from the European Social Fund and € 1.021.957 from the national budget.



  • Part of SIF “Dažādības veicināšana” ("Diversity promotion") project: 2019 poster campaign 'Atvērtība ir vērtība' (Openness is a value) that aims to promote ethnic diversity and point out the benefits that businesses will gain by hiring all ethnic group members. Features 2 campaign posters of Middle eastern immigrants Amara, Kamals.



  • Conclusion from a study done by SIF and SKDS: '“The survey highlights two major trends that hinder the development of a tolerant and open society. Most Latvians have a biased attitude towards migrants and refugees and communities outside Europe. At the same time, the majority do not think that the majority who are afraid, mistrustful, and fantasized need educational programs and help with inclusion policies,” says Deniss Hanovs, a leading expert at the Riga Stradins University.'




European Union (EU) (Business)

Providus (Business)

Mozaīka (Business)

EEA and Norway Grants (Business)

Ascendum Latvia (Business)

Edgars Rinkēvičs (Politics)

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