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Sarah Hanson-Young

Sarah Coral Hanson-Young (née Hanson; born 23 December 1981) is an Australian politician who has been a Senator for South Australia since July 2008, representing the Australian Greens.

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  • Response to an "It's OK to be White" poster being placed outside her office: "This sign was posted outside my office in Adelaide this morning. What a disgrace. The person who put these signs up should be ashamed of themselves. This is a known alt-right slogan and it is not welcome in Adelaide and has no place in 2018. If you look up the origins of this saying you will know why and who it has been deliberately used by to intentionally divide people. That is not something I support. It is okay to be you - no matter the colour of your skin. We need inclusivity."



  • Quote: "As parents we need to teach our sons and our boys in our families to respect girls and women, and we need to make sure that we call out lewd behaviour and sexist behaviour when we see it [...] I think women around this country are sick and tired of being made to feel responsible for the fact that men cannot control themselves and deal with their own issues [...] It is not women’s fault that men behave like morons and like pigs, it is time that these people are held to account and we call out this type of behaviour."



  • Said taxpayers and politicians that were "middle-aged white guy(s)" weren't eligible to comment against taxpayers subsidising the child care of the rich.




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