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Sawsan Chebli

Sawsan Chebli (born July 26, 1978 in Berlin, Germany) is a Palestinian-German political scientist. Since December 2016, Chebli has been serving as State Secretary for Federal Affairs in the state government of the Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller. As one of Berlin’s representatives in the Bundesrat, she is a Permanent Advisory Council member, which is composed of the sixteen envoys of the federal states.

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  • [... S]he complained that in political discourse, German national law and Sharia law are always presented as contradictory to each other, and said “Everyone talks about Shariah, but hardly anyone knows what Sharia means”. Remarking that Sharia exists “largely to govern the relationship between God and man”, Chebli said Sharia law was “absolutely compatible” with Germany.



  • In an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in 2016, Chebli addressed the role of Sharia, saying, "it primarily deals with the personal relationship between God and humans. It addresses things like prayer, fasting and alms. That presents no problems for me as a democrat; it is absolutely compatible [with democracy], just as it is for Christians, Jews and anyone else."



  • Chebli is behind the campaign "Farben bekennen" (Show your colours), in which 1500 black and white posters were hung up in Berlin depicting eight refugees in Germany, accompanied by the words "Typisch Deutsch" (Typical German). Chebli does not accept the criticism that the campaign only shows non-representative high flyers.




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