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Shneur Odze

Shneur Odze (born March 3, 1981 in London) is an Orthodox Jewish British politician. Rabbi Shneur Odze is a UKIP candidate for the European Elections, running in the North West region. He is also a mayorial candidate for Greater Manchester.


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  • An Orthodox Jewish candidate for the European Parliament has caused an uproar in Britain by refusing to shake women’s hands. Shneur Odze told the members of the right-wing populist UK Independence Party, or UKIP, that he will not shake women’s hands due to his religious beliefs, which proscribe physical contact with any woman other than his wife.



  • Quote from an article written by Odze: "What they fail to grasp is that this country [United Kingdom] must stand up for Israel, not only because it has historically been our friend and ally, but because it’s the only democracy in the region; virtually the only country in the world whose government fights a daily battle for its very survival; and because terror that starts on ElAl planes and the streets of Tel Aviv, end up on American planes and the streets on London."



  • Shneur Odze, who is a candidate for the right-wing populist UK Independence Party, or UKIP, on the eve of Passover found the Hebrew-language New Testament produced by a proselytizing Christian group in his synagogue. He took it out into the street and set it alight, according to reports. He then posted photos of the book burning and wrote on Twitter: “Was wondering what I’d burn my Chametz with.”



  • Ozde is a member of Chabad-Lubavitch.



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