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Sonneborn Institute

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The Sonneborn Institute was a covert network of Haganah operatives in North America under the command of David Ben Gurion. The network consisted of Jewish mobsters under Meyer Lansky and their associates. Haganah's mission was smuggling arms to Israel. The mission was accomplished. Machine guns stolen from Oahu and airplanes purchased for a sham Panamanian airline reached Israel. The network included Hank Greenspun, Rey Selk, Al Schwimmer, Nathan Liff, Harry Levine, William Sosnow and others.

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  • Quote from the article: "Shortly before the end of the British mandate in 1947, Ben Gurion asked Sonneborn and a small number of other prominent American Jews to send supplies to the Jewish community and its military force, the Haganah. The group turned into a secretive, nationwide organization led by Sonneborn called Materials for Israel, also known as the Sonneborn Institute."




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