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SOS Racism Switzerland

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"SOS Rassismus und Diskriminierung Schweiz", since 2014 successor organisation of "SOS-Rassismus Deutschschweiz", was originally founded in 2005. Our purpose is to take action against racism, discrimination, intolerance, and structural violence in our society. In its function as information and counsel centre for victims of racism and discrimination SOS racism contributes fo the enforcement of the human rights in Switzerland.

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  • Quote: "We document the cases of racist discrimination reported to us and enter them, made anonymous, into the database run by the Federal Commission against racism and humanrights.ch."


  • The information centre SOS racism takes care of victims of racism, discrimination, intolerance and structural violence. Victims' relatives and friends as well as witnesses of racist incidents are also welcome to speak with us. We inform and counsel the persons concerned and, when indicated, refer them to specialized institutions.



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