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Stan Rosenberg

Stanley C. Rosenberg, commonly known as Stan Rosenberg, is an American politician from Amherst, Massachusetts who currently serves as President of the Massachusetts Senate. Rosenberg was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1986 and served as the representative for Amherst and Pelham until 1991 when he won a special election for the State Senate seat being vacated by Congressman John Olver. Rosenberg is Jewish.

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  • Stanley Rosenberg’s husband, Bryon Hefner, is accused of groping the genitals of three men when Rosenberg was standing close by. A fourth man reported being kissed against his will. The report found “no evidence that the Senate president knew about the assaults.” Hefner, a powerful lobbyist in Massachusetts state politics, offered political support from him and Rosenberg in exchange for sexual favors. The four men said they had long felt powerless to accuse Hefner of sexual misconduct because of his perceived influence over Rosenberg. Each of the men spoke anonymously.



  • Rosenberg currently resides in Amherst with his spouse, Bryon Hefner. He is one of five openly LGBT members of the Massachusetts General Court.



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