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Tal Silberstein

Tal is a leading international political consultant and businessman who has advised 17 heads of states. In 1999 he was the winning campaign manager for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Since then, he has worked on national and local political campaigns and has served as strategic advisor to clients in Austria, Israel, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bolivia and Italy. Silberstein is Jewish.

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  • Quote from the article: "Silberstein was also [Ehud] Barak's adviser, and managed his campaign for prime minister in 1999. He is a consultant to all comers by definition of his craft: hiring out his services to politicians in Israel and the world."


  • Israeli billionaire Benjamin Steinmetz and political consultants Tal Silberstein and Shimon Sheves, the latter being the chief of staff to former Israeli Prime Minister Yizhak Rabin are to be investigated in the file of illegal restitution involving businessman Remus Truica and several accomplices.



  • In 2016 Silberstein sued the Austrian Lotteries (Österreichischen Lotterien) for damages, asking to be paid 800.000 Euro plus interest, due to a deal that went bust.



  • [... Tal] Silberstein has worked for the SPÖ [Social Democratic Party of Austria]. Together with the former spin doctor of Bill Clinton, Stanley Greenberg, he designed campaigns for Michael Häupl before elections in Vienna in 2001 and for chancellor candidate Alfred Gusenbauer in 2002 and of 2006.



  • Austrian chancellor Christian Kern and the Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ) have been accused of conducting background checks on Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) politician Sebastian Kurz. With the help of 'spin doctor' Tal Silberstein they investigated Kurz's youth. Allegedly this was done to find disparaging information.



  • Businessman Beny Steinmetz, acting Bezeq Chairman David Granot and strategic consultant Tal Silberstein were detained for questioning on Monday in a police investigation of allegations of money laundering. [...] The allegations against the suspects include fraud, forgery, breach of trust, money laundering, using a forged document and obstructing justice. They apparently began in the probe of a wide-ranging corruption case in Africa involving tens of millions of dollars. Steinmetz was arrested in December in connection to that affair.



  • Quote from sundaystandard.info: "[...] Timor Consultancy is headed by Adi Temor who first made international headlines as second in command at GCS International which was branded a Mossad front by the Romanian media during the 2012 Romanian election campaign. Timor personally worked with President Traian Basescu of Romania during the campaign, alongside GCS Chief Executive Officer Tal Silberstein reported to be a Mossad agent. "



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