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The Living History Forum (Forum för Levande Historia)

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The Living History Forum a Swedish government agency under the Ministry of Culture. The agency deals with issues related to tolerance, democracy and human rights, using the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity as its starting point.




  • The agency was founded after a survey concluded that 22% of Swedish school children showed signs of doubt concerning the mass murders of Jews during the second world war.


  • The founding of the agency might also be seen in the light of the former prime minister of Sweden, Göran Perssons, and his efforts to normalize Sweden's relations with Israel and US. Persson also held a Holocaust conference during his time as prime minster, and made Yiddish (a language with no historical presence in Sweden, and hardly any contemporary speakers) a formal minority language.


  • The Living History Forum is mostly know for distributing the educational book "om detta må ni berätta...." (about his you must tell...) to all Swedish school children. In the book a disturbing combination of nudity, death and starvation is displayed for minors, possibly contributing to the pavlovian reaction many Swedes has to any topic concerning the Holocaust or nationalist politics.


  • The curator of The Living History Forum is the Jewish Swedish scholar Ingrid Lomfors, known for claiming that "domestic Swedish culture doesn't exist", back in October of 2015.


  • In February 2016, the organization claimed that there is no such thing as racism or hate crimes against Swedish people.



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