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Tim Farron

Timothy James Farron (born 27 May 1970) is a British politician who became Leader of the Liberal Democrats in July 2015. He was elected the Member of Parliament (MP) for Westmorland and Lonsdale in 2005 and re-elected in 2010 and 2015, and was the President of the Liberal Democrats from 2011 until 2014.

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  • Tim Farron has insisted he does not regret putting Brexit at the heart of his election strategy because it was “the right thing to do”, despite signs the Liberal Democrats are being squeezed in the polls. [...] A second referendum on Europe, which would be a choice between accepting a negotiated deal on withdrawal at the end of the process or remaining in the EU, is the cornerstone of the Lib Dem’s campaign.



  • He was the first senior British politician to back the EU proposal for a quota to take in refugees during the Mediterranean crisis. He called for the UK to accept up to 60,000 non-EU refugees to help with the influx. He attended the Refugee solidarity march in London in September 2015 and gave the opening speech.



  • Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has sacked former Bradford MP David Ward as a General Election candidate, saying he was unfit to represent the party over his "anti-Semitic" views. [...] It is understood Mr Farron decided to sack him in the wake of recent remarks he had made on Twitter criticising the states of both Israel and Saudi Arabia, as well as saying terrorist attacks on the UK “stem from our foreign policy”.



  • Speaking at Westminster Synagogue on Tuesday, at a meeting attended by black and minority ethnic (BME) voters, he claimed Labour’s complacent attitude towards the loyalty of minority groups, and the Conservatives’ “lurch to the right” made his party a natural alternative for ethnic voters, including Jews.




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