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Timothy Sullivan

Timothy Sullivan, 48, has served as our President and Chief Executive Officer and as a director since September 2005. Prior to joining us, Mr. Sullivan was Chief Operating Officer and then President and CEO of Match.com from January 2001 to September 2004. From May 1999 to January 2001, Mr. Sullivan served as Vice President of E-commerce for Ticketmaster Online-Citysearch, Inc. From June 1991 to May 1999, Mr. Sullivan held multiple positions at The Walt Disney Company [...] (people.equilar.com)




  • From an article titled 'Ancestry’s CEO, Tim Sullivan’s Message Concerning the Recent Restrictions on Immigration' quoting Sullivan: "The last 48 hours in the U.S. have been both heart-breaking and outrageous. [...] Our company values decency, works hard to embrace diversity, and is very familiar with the difficulties that families all over the world have endured for centuries in their attempts to stay together and to improve the lives of the next generation. [...] We’ve seen how families were impacted by the quotas on Chinese immigration less than a hundred years ago, by the refusal to accept Jewish refugees fleeing the horror of Nazi Germany, and by the absurd detainment of Japanese Americans during that war."




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