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Turkish Union in Berlin Brandenburg

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The Turkish Union in Berlin-Brandenburg (TBB) is a registrated non-profit organisation. It was founded on December 1, 1991 as the "BETB-Union of Immigrants from Turkey," and was renamed the "Turkish Union in Berlin-Brandenburg" in 1995. The TBB is an umbrella organization for associations respresenting the interests of Berlin and Brandenburg citizens of Turkish origin. Unaffiliated persons can also be direct members of TBB. (prohealthcourse.eu)




  • In their own words: "We, of Turkish descent people are aware that we are helping to shape as an equal part of society’s future in Berlin and the Federal Republic of Germany. We sit in our diverse society for the acceptance and appreciation of different identity and lifestyles one. In all forms of racism and any discrimination on everyday, institutional and structural level, we oppose decided. With this association, we want to sue for the right to legal, social and economic level, our (minority) and to demand equal opportunities and participation opportunities in all areas of life."



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