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Ulrike Guérot

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Ulrike Beate Guérot (born 1964 in Grevenbroich) is a Berlin-based German political thinker and Founder and Director of the European Democracy Lab (EDL), a think tank dedicated to the future of European democracy.




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  • Ulrike Guérot published, together with Austrian novelist Robert Menasse, a "Manifesto for a European Republic". In this they advocate the idea of a pan-European republic. Translated quote from the Manifesto: "But the nation-states are still the problem, they stand between the citizen and the European democracy." (Original: Doch die Nationalstaaten sind immer noch das Problem, sie stehen zwischen dem Bürger und der europäischen Demokratie.)


  • Ulrike Guérot suggests that refugees should be able to build a copy of their hometowns in Europe. She believes this will reduce the stress of integration.



  • Ulrike Guérot published, together with Austrian novelist Robert Menasse, a text called "Europe's choice" (Europa's Wahl). In this text they point out the dangers of nationalism returning to Europe, and that the only thing that can oppose it is a pan-European democracy based on the idea of "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité". Translated quote from from the text: "An abominable, a ridiculous ghost is about, risen from the mass graves of Europe, the ghost of nationalism." (Original: Ein abscheulicher, ein lächerlicher Geist geht um, auferstanden aus den Massengräbern Europas, der Geist des Nationalismus)



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