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Unbound Philanthropy

In their own words: "Unbound Philanthropy is an independent private grant making foundation that works to ensure that migrants and refugees are treated with respect and engage with their new communities. We support pragmatic, innovative, and responsive approaches to immigration and immigrant integration in the United States and United Kingdom." (unboundphilanthropy.org) Board of Directors: Debbie Berger, Kiki Fordham, Bill Reeves, Hilary Weinstein; Advisory Council: Shamit Saggar, Lucas Guttenta




  • Quote from their website: "Our vision is a world where all people can enjoy a life free of barriers to their full economic, civic and cultural participation in society; realize their potential; and live peacefully alongside one another. We envision societies where newcomers and welcoming communities engage in relationships with one another with respect, compassion, fairness, and justice."


  • Quote from their website: "[...] We promote policies that treat immigrants fairly, protect them against discrimination and mistreatment, and allow them to contribute fully to their new communities. [...] We seek to empower migrants and host communities to work together to create welcoming, vibrant, and just communities for newcomers and long-time residents alike. [...] We seek to improve people’s knowledge and understanding of immigration, integration, and cultural diversity in society."


  • Quote from their website: "For example, we seek to support work that links refugee and migrant issues with issues of gender, racial, and LGBTQ equality. Our funding has supported organizations that help empower low-income workers, increase voting and civic participation of youth, address elder care issues, and combat racial discrimination."



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