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Formerly known as 'United Against Racism', the UNITED organization is a pan-European jewish umbrella group for 650 different related groups in 46 countries. Their current website's banner states that they are the "European Network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees", and their work includes co-ordinating simultaneous Europe-wide campaigns and political lobbying within the European Union apparatus and in national governments. (unitedagainstracism.org)

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  • Since 1993, UNITED has been monitoring the deaths of asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented migrants seeking a better life in Europe. The cases included in the ’List of Deaths’ range from fateful attempts to enter the impenetrable fortress that Europe has built around itself to those on clandestine journeys and during state-operated detention or deportation. [...] These deaths are not isolated incidents but are the direct consequence of tightening EU immigration policy. In the face of civil war, conflict, global political and social unrest, and the deepening effect of climate change, Europe responds by adopting exclusionary practice and policies, turning a blind eye to the root causes of migration.


  • International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism - On 9 November each year the UNITED network organises a European-wide campaign to commemorate the past and to protest against contemporary forms of fascism and antisemitism. We call upon all organisations to take part in the campaign. Your group can organise concerts or conferences, send protest letters to policy-makers or find other ways of voicing your opinion. Just contact UNITED – we can provide you with information and campaign material and logos.


  • Despite this complex situation demanding an effective answer, national governments across Europe have instead opted to mirror the position of the populist right: blame the migrants. With the influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers fleeing war and desperate conditions, this scapegoating has only increased, with governments and their populist refusing to take responsibility for their own mistakes and building upon a narrative that sees “migrants” as a homogeneous mass of people who are a threat to our societies. [...] Young people in Europe benefited from open borders and European youth mobility programmes, finding themselves in the position of migrants. [...]



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