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Ute Sacksofsky

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Ute Sacksofsky, born in 1960, studied law in Freiburg. Since 1999 she has been a professor of public law and comparative law at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. She is also co-director of the Cornelia Goethe Center for Women's Studies and the study of gender relations. Sacksofsky is Vice-President of the State Court of Hesse.

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  • The State of Hesse passed a law in October 2004 prohibiting civil servants, including public school teachers, from wearing symbols or attire that express a religious or political affiliation. Hesse State Attorney Ute Sacksofsky challenged the law in August 2007 arguing that it discriminated against head-scarf wearers by violating their religious freedom, their right to hold public office, and their right to equal treatment under the law. On December 11, the court ruled against the challenge [...]



  • Wrote an article in which she stated: "What would be so bad if the Germans were to die out (which should take only a couple of centuries)? The territory on which Germany is currently located could be returned to nature or (more likely) populated by other people."



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