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Veit Lindner

Veit Lindner is an author for Huffington Post in Germany.

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  • Wrote an article, condoning the genocide of the German people, quote: 'If the stinking mental flatulence of the New Right is to be the “Deutsche Volk” [German people] again, it would actually be best to just replace them. Attention, Germans! Fall in for comprehensive repeopling! [Umvolkung] Black, brown, yellow, white, Asians and Arabs, Africans, you people from America, India, people of all faiths – come and help us! Stream in and repeople us, but thoroughly! Let us give this lovely stretch of land a lovelier future than “Wire Fence” Michel and the folk community of contempt are preparing for it. Repeopling is actually an astonishingly rational suggestion when you look into it more closely.'




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