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William Moyer

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Will Moyer is a United States based freelance writer and blogger. Moyer reached his height of popularity in 2014 with the publication of his "Limits of Libertarianism" article at Salon.com. He is a Left Libertarian who uses the platforms available to him to advocate various types of Cultural Marxism (egalitarianism, feminism, anti-racism, bohemianism, hedonism, etc).




  • "I want a world of flattened hierarchies, including the nonviolent ones. A world with human dignity. That may be a future where property rights  — as we think of them today  —  don’t exist. [...] This essay is the result of an evolution in my thinking, one which has led me farther from 'right' libertarianism and strict anarcho-capitalism toward what could be described as radical, leftist anarchism, or maybe even libertarian-socialism."



  • Moyer wrote: "I’ll start by saying that I see the appeal of Sanders’ sentiments. His criticisms of the ruling class, income inequality, police brutality (after being challenged by Black Lives Matter protestors in Seattle), structural racism, the War on Drugs, and the military-industrial complex are all… commendable — as far as they go, which is in no way far enough."



  • Being critical of the idea that women should take precautions against rape: "You can’t apply such subjective and mercurial standards consistently, which means it ends up being just arbitrary opinion. This woman didn’t meet my random standard of what is sensible, therefore she is partially responsible."



  • Apologetics for Islam: "I can’t understand any justification – even if we accept the danger of militant Islamists – for this kind of destruction of human life. Sam Harris thinks that if we don’t accept the collateral damage (a vile fucking term when applied to humans) then 'the thugs would inherit the earth.' Well I’ve got news for you Sam, the thugs already own the place. If you want to find them, look to Washington. And to Moscow, and London, and Beijing. And maybe every other capital on the planet. But where you won’t find them is in Northern goddamn Waziristan."




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