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World Council of Credit Unions

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The World Council of Credit Unions (World Council or WOCCU) is the leading international trade association and development agency for credit unions and cooperative financial institutions. World Council promotes the self-sustainable development of credit unions and other financial cooperatives around the world to empower people through access to high quality and affordable financial services.




  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has granted $6.7 million to World Council of Credit Unions and $2 million to World Council's Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions to implement a Credit Union Growth Program in Africa and Latin America. The new microfinance program will test product development tools for rapid credit union growth and provide outreach to the poor.


  • Today, credit unions operate in a number of European countries including in the Republic of Ireland, Estonia, Romania, Poland, the United Kingdom and Macedonia. Credit unions make an important contribution to the European social economy by supporting thousands of communities and more than 7 million European households with affordable financial services.



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