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World Without Nazism

World Without Nazism (WWN)(Russian: Мир без нацизма, МБН), or Mir Bez Natsizma (MBH), is a Russian political organization with ties to Vladimir Putin's government, which claims to campaign against "neo-fascism."

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  • The World without Nazism international human rights organization has urged the Latvian authorities to review their attitude to the unofficial day of remembrance of Waffen SS Latvian Legion veterans, March 16.



  • World Without Nazism has declared its official aims to be: establishment of an international "early warning" system, monitoring and prevention of the uprising and spread of nazi ideas and actions; establishment of interaction with national, European and international law enforcement and judicial bodies in order to suppress any manifestations of neo-nazism, racism and xenophobia, including glorification of its accomplices, struggle against those who deny Holocaust; [...]



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