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Yascha Mounk

Yascha Mounk is a writer, academic and public speaker known for his work on the rise of populism and the crisis of liberal democracy. (yaschamounk.com)




  • Yascha has written three books: Stranger in My Own Country - A Jewish Family in Modern Germany, a memoir about Germany’s fraught attempts to deal with its past; The Age of Responsibility – Luck, Choice and the Welfare State, which argues that a growing obsession with the concept of individual responsibility has transformed western welfare states; and The People versus Democracy – Why Our Freedom Is in Danger and How to Save It, which explains the causes of the populist rise and investigates how to renew liberal democracy.


  • Quote from the article: 'Yascha Mounk’s book about growing up Jewish in Germany, “Stranger in My Own Country,” is rickety, not fully assembled, more the frame of a book than the sanded and stained product. Mr. Mounk is a young graduate student at Harvard, born in 1982, and his book is learned but at times not so wise. Still, he is a gifted raconteur and aphorist, and if you want to learn about Germany’s perverse, absurd love for its Jews — the flip side, or the bastard child, of its historical anti-Semitism — this book is a fine place to start.'


  • Mr. Mounk and his family are recent Germans. His grandparents settled in Poland after World War II, but when the Communists responded to the unrest of 1968 by stoking anti-Semitism, his grandfather and mother left for Germany. His mother became an opera conductor, and in 1991 she moved, with her son, to the provincial town of Laupheim, to conduct a nearby orchestra. “So far as I know,” Mr. Mounk writes, “our arrival in Laupheim brought the town’s Jewish population to a grand total of two: my mother and me.”



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