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ZETA - Zoophiles Engagement für Toleranz und Aufklärung

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Zoophiles Engagement für Toleranz und Aufklärung (ZETA; translated: Zoophiles for Tolerance and Public Enlightenment) is a German organization that advocates bestiality. The main persons involved are Michael Kiok, David Zimmermann, Patrik Drohn and Matthias Gerstenkorn.

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Official Website https://www.zeta-verein.de

Members of the Board (Archived) https://web.archive.org/web/2…

Semitic Controversies on ZETA https://semiticcontroversies.…

Michael Kiok Twitter Profile https://twitter.com/Michael_K…

ZETA Twitter Profile https://twitter.com/ZetaVerein


  • In February 2013, ZETA held a public demonstration in Berlin protesting anti-bestiality laws. Quote from the article: 'Late last year, Germany's lower house of parliament made having sex with animals a criminal offence carrying a fine of up to €25,000. The upper house, the Bundesrat, signed off on the measures on Friday, as part of a package of measures aimed at bolstering animal protection. “We are going to appeal to the highest court,” said Kiok [...]'




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