Judas Watch

Documenting anti-White traitors, subversives, and highlighting Jewish influence.

Submission Guidelines

Who is accepted into the database?

Before submitting a person or organization please make sure they meet the following criteria:

- Persons & Organizations of any kind (Governmental, NGO, ...)
- Contemporary and relevant (influental, famous, ...)
- Focus on ‘insiders’ not ‘outsiders’ (hence the use of Judas in our name)
- To get a clearer picture refer to our Mission Statement

What constitutes a good submission?

No speculation, no sedition, no name calling, no opinions.
Judas Watch is strictly fact based. As much as possible we stay clear of personal opinions and convictions. We try to represent the best interests of White people and Western nations.

What to consider when filling out the Submit form?

• Name The person’s or organization’s full name according to public record. Use an internationalized version of the name without special language characters.

• Description General biographic information (name, age, nationality, ethnicity, job, title, ...), equivalent to and often taken from the first few sentences from the person’s Wikipedia page.
If information is not taken from Wikipedia include the source in the form of (some.example.com)

• Severity Indicates the level of influence and power of the person or organization within the selected region (Country field, see below).

• References Add up to 20 links related to this person or organization. This can include links to their official websites, social media profiles, public email addresses etc. Optionally add a comment for each link, describing its contents.

• Country The country this person or organization mainly operates in. Choose ‘International’ for e.g. world-wide or EU-wide activities or ‘Other’ for non-Western / non-White nations for example Israel or Turkey.

• Affiliations Every entry can be linked to other entries on Judas Watch if the person or organization in question is known to have ties to them.
There are three types of affiliations: Personal (family members, relatives), Business (business ties, company ties, general cooperation), Politics (members of the same party or politically active group)

• Achievement A clear offense against White people / Western nations and their interests according to our Mission Statement. The achievements should prove or emphasize why the person or organization is submitted to Judas Watch.
A typical ‘achievement’ may be related but not limited to: immigration, globalism, feminism, communism, subversion, cultural-marxism, multi-culturalism, thought-policing, oppression of thought, libel, slander, …
The target of these efforts may be related but not limited to: White people, Christian faith, traditions, traditional values, traditional gender roles, facts about race and miscegnation, …
If possible only add your own text to give necessary context to whatever is quoted from the source.

• Achievement Source Every achievement must have a source link attached. Ideally this is an article from a reputable news source, an official statement by the person / organization in question, …
Avoid videos and images as sources and quotes from opinionated websites such as Metapedia. Use direct sources if possible. Optionally archive the source via archive.is / archive.fo / archive.li / archive.today and use the archive link.